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The Hottest RAP Beats For Sale Anywhere


6 Pack

Purchase a limited lease on 4 beats and we will give you 2 free!

Album Starter

Purchase 10 limited leases, and get upgraded limits on distribution, sells, etc.

BOGO Exclusives

Purchase 1 Exclusive License and Get 1 FREE!

Beat Licensing Information Overview


What Type Of Discounts Do You Offer?
We offer many discount packages on beats and instrumentals. They change frequently, so the best thing to do is check out our Specials Section of the site.
Do You Offer Free Rap Beats?
Absolutely! Only difference is our Free Rap Beats are the same quality as our paid Hip-Hop instrumentals. No watered down junk here! All you have to do in order to gain access to Free Rap Beats is sign up for our newsletter. Also, please note that sometimes our specials include Free Hip-Hop Tracks as well.
Will Purchased Beats Have The Voice Tag On Them?
No. Any leased beat will not include the voice tag. The voice tag is simply a means of protecting ourselves from people stealing our stuff. It is real in the field!
What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?
We accept all major credit cards, as well as paypal as payment.
Do You Offer Payment Plans?
Unfortunately no. We keep our beat prices low enough that anyone should be able to afford a lease or two without having to break the bank.
What If I Purchase A Lease And Later Someone Buys The Same Beat As An Exclusive?
Leases retain their rights even if someone buys the same beat as an exclusive. In other words, if you lease a beat that allows you 2500 distribution copies, and someone else later purchases exclusive rights to that beat, you still retain your original lease and are still allowed 2500 distribution copies. The only caveat is that you will not be able to upgrade to an exclusive license from a lease once that beat has been exclusively sold.
Can I get more distribution copies, Video streams, etc. with a leased beat if I need them?
We do offer upgrades to leased beats. The easiest thing to do is upgrade from a lease to an exclusive, which will remove most of the limitations from a leased beat. We have other options as well. If you would like more information about options, feel free to contact us AFTER you have purchased a lease.


Beats That Blaze has quickly become the #1 resource for purchasing beats online! We have the finest selection of rap beats for sale anywhere. Styles include Trap, Underground, Soul, Funk, R&B, East Coast, West Coast, Dirty South, Midwest, DJ Premier type beats, Pete Rock type beats, 9th Wonder type beats, J-Dilla type beats, Post Malone type beats, Lil Yachty type beats, Drake type beats, Club Bangers, and more!

We have been producing beats for over 15 years, so this is nothing new to us. We have licensed tons of beats, so you may have already heard a song created with one of our premium hip-hop beats.


If you are looking to buy beats, or download royalty free instrumentals online, Beats That Blaze is the place. We offer a wide selection of beats, instrumentals, and tracks. Our catalog is extremely versatile as we are truly Hip-Hop heads. We love Hip-Hop and Rap of all kinds. Be sure to check out our bundle specials to download affordable Rap Beats for your next album. We frequently add new beats, so make sure you check back often because we may upload a beat that becomes your next platinum hit!